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As a Nutritional Therapist here at Ocean Rock Wellness, I work predominantly in clinic helping clients and patients find nutrition solutions to achieve optimal wellbeing. I work in a preventative capacity, focusing on optimising someone’s diet based on their biochemical individuality. Most clients come with a combination of goals and symptoms. We look at nutrition and lifestyle as fundamental aspects of being able to live a really good life. 

Here are just ten reasons people come into clinic to see a Nutritional Therapist:

  • Digestion (bloat, gas, indigestion, upset stomach, constipation, acid reflux, SIBO, dysbiosis)
  • Skin, hair and nails
  • Weight – weight loss, increase lean muscle mass
  • Energy – 3pm slumps, not waking up rested, low energy
  • Mood
  • Allergies (sinus, nasal, intolerances, food allergies)
  • Cravings (sugar cravings, eating habits, binge eating)
  • How to eat better (at restaurants, social pressures, business dinners, on a budget)
  • Fertility, prenatal and post-natal nutrition
  • Hormone (PMS, menopause, adrenal, thyroid)

With so much information on the internet, I’m able to help clients find solutions with ease, taking out the confusion and fear and unlocking their potential. Nutrition is a celebration of good health – we start with small changes that have big impacts. 

“Without vulnerability, there is no innovation.” Brene Brown

Part of my role is to support the implementation of a protocol or program. In a consultation, I look at bandwidth for change, budget, desire or ability to cook and one’s schedule etc. These questions are fundamental for implementation and understanding one’s bandwidth will inform the recommendations I make – if its not approachable it presents as a barrier. 

Here are two specific (in depth) areas a Nutritional Therapist can provide support:

Food allergies – there are true food allergies, and then there are none – immune mediated reactions, also known as intolerances. At Ocean Rock, when food intolerances are suspected – we use comprehensive blood test or use an elimination diet as a strategy to see what the body is reacting to. Food intolerance symptoms often present through digestive complaints, but also in poor sleep, sin, mood, headaches etc. Given that elimination diets are short to medium term – I guide clients through the experience and keep it as light and fun loving as possible. In an elimination diet, I assess which foods to eliminate, for what period and how to reintroduce foods into a diet and look for reactions. The later part is ensuring clients and patients are still getting a broad spectrum of micro and macro nutrients. 

Gut health – digestive symptoms are complex and here is why – it is not just about what we eat, but rather what our bodies are reacting to. There are lots of tips and wellness advice regarding gut health on the internet and on social media, I help clients find real solutions by taking a personalized approach. I look at overall digestion first – how someone is ingesting, digesting, absorbing, assimilation and eliminating. Compromised digestion can mean we aren’t absorbing nutrients which directly impacts other systems, too. 

Beyond this – I create protocols  for clients with bacteria imbalances or overgrowth (SIBO, dysbiosis), impaired absorption and enzyme deficiencies. I create a plan with clients that uses a combination of nutrition and lifestyle. The health of our microbiome goes beyond digestion – as it impacts neurotransmitter synthesis (hello serotonin!), skin, weight, mood and the immune system too which plays an important role for those who have a family history of autoimmune conditions.

When I am not seeing clients in clinic, part of my role is to engage in webinars, converse with the other practitioners on client progress (we are an integrated team), research and build resources to support our current client load. I teach cooking classes, too – it is often perceived as a barrier to good health. 

In good health,

Sarah Wight BA., DipION

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