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Meal prep is a strategy to support Optimum Nutrition!

The best way to reach peak performance? Get into the kitchen, or as I call it…the nutrition lab!

The benefits of preparation

  • Save money (going to the grocery store or farmers market with a list, versus purchasing without a plan!)
  • Support your health goals and correct imbalances
  • Avoid the need to rely on ‘willpower’ and instead take a preventative approach

How to implement

  • Make it personalized and align with your goals. Are you focusing on weight, immune or gut support? Blood sugar balance? Inflammation?
  • Find your blind spots – what meal time do you find you struggle to be consistent with? Breakfast? Dinner? Start there.

Top tips for success

  • Make it simple – you don’t have to ‘cook’ but can throw together a few easy components i.e. chicken, arugula, avocado and a salad dressing.
  • Be adaptable – if you are on a health journey and someone in your family isn’t, find middle ground. i.e. make one pasta sauce and add zucchini noodles for you and regular or brown rice noodles for whomever else.
  • Buy a mix of fresh and frozen vegetables
  • Buy easy protein (that is already cooked!) such as canned wild salmon, smoked salmon, precooked lentils or BPA free cans of chickpeas

Sunday is an easy day to START! 

  • Make a frittata on a Sunday morning and enjoy a slice during the week
  • Make a pot of homemade chicken soup
  • Make a salad dressing and chop up vegetables to be in the fridge!

Here is a link to my favourite Mason Jar Vinaigrette


Sarah Wight
Nutritional Therapist BA., DipION


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    More healthy food.

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