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What You Will Learn In This Podcast?

Join our medical director, Dr. Peets Talbot and our physiotherapist, Beth Hollis for this podcast as they share the simple yet KEY strategies that we at Ocean Rock Wellness use in our practice to restore health!

Our clients, when dealing with their toughest health challenges, utilize these same components that YOU can implement to improve your health!

The Functional Medicine Approach is the answer for you if: 

· Have been from doctor to doctor and still unsatisfied

· Are on lots of medications for many diagnoses

· Are sick and tired of being sick and tired

· Want optimal health

· Want a holistic approach to your health

Functional medicine takes no shortcuts…we are in for the long game! Our yearlong outlook means changes in a manageable way that include the doctor spending lots of time listening to you. This means taking a deeper look. Our physicians may be the only ones that may ask you if there was a leaky pipe or a flood in your home. Clients think these questions are strange, but it all makes sense when they learn what environmental factors play a role in their health. Our team spends lots of time coaching from a multidisciplinary approach, so no rock is left unturned!

5 Key Points:


Adjusting for those that are not eating right or even those who think they are, but need a deeper look. They explain the importance of simple dietary switches that optimize a person’s digestion and metabolism.


Yes! Sleep really is that important. Dr. Peets Talbot explains that making sleep a priority is a big part of bringing someone into optimal health. This is the time when we rest, detox, restore and repair tissues. Sleep is essential to correcting hormonal imbalances and many other disorders. You know it’s a myth that we don’t need much sleep, right?


Can there be too much and too little? Beth Hollis explains that there is a correct formula based on each individual’s needs. The topic of chronic fatigue and the suitable form of movement for this condition is explained. Beth gives very simple tips to add movement into your daily routines.


Vitamins and minerals are like the little elves that make things work! Dr. Famous’ simple explanation: Can you make a good sentence without vowels? Neither can your body function without these essential nutrients. Dr. Peets Talbot tells how dramatic repletion of one simple vitamin can lead to 5-10 lbs of weight loss, and that’s without dietary changes or exercise on board. Hear about the core supplements that can improve most people’s health and an astonishing route to get supplements in that don’t involve taking a pill.


You have all heard about the importance of the thyroid gland, but Dr. Peets Talbot introduces the mother board gland that affects the function of all the other endocrine glands. Before balancing the thyroid or male and female hormones she starts with this gland. You will have to listen to find out!

We hope you enjoy this fun conversation and please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have!

Here at Ocean Rock Wellness we truly believe everyone deserves to live, feel and enjoy optimal health at EVERY age.


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