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Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd., has Dr. Peets Talbot, a board certified pediatrician, who is dedicated to helping you and your child. Dr. Peets Talbot gives parents the confidence to be independent and self-reliant and yet she is always available when a need arises. An emphasis is placed on preventive care and supportive services for children and their families. This unique type of care is made possible through our Holistic Pediatric Membership!


A membership model is a unique, cost-efficient model giving you and your family the best access to healthcare! Imagine no co-pays or unexpected fees! You can expect support, guidance and quality time with Dr. Peets Talbot to make informed decisions for your child’s health. As a holistic pediatrician, she supports proactive and preventative medicine strategies, so when it comes to your child’s visits, she encourages regular well child visits, not just sick visits. When it comes to access to Dr. Peets Talbot, she provides unlimited Mobile Messaging and E-mail support as well as short phone calls for quick questions and bigger queries. It is our goal is to create a team with children and their families to support optimal health and wellness from infancy. Our services include general medical care, education on nutrition and disease prevention. A healthy balance of mind, body and spirit is our goal!

Membership Benefits

  • No Co-Pays on physicals, sick visits, check ups or phone consultations.
  •  Virtual Visits, keeping your child comfortable and at home whilst receiving the best medical care (over the phone or video call)
  •  Little to no wait times and un-rushed Office visits
  •   2 Yearly Physicals with personalized nutrition advice
  •   Access to Specialized Testing
  •  Unlimited email access and mobile messaging directly to Dr. Peets Talbot
  •  Limited Patient Enrollment ensures your child/children receive priority care
  •  Access to Online Seminars with topics such as ‘Brain Health for Kids’, ‘The Link Between ADHD & Nutrition’ , ‘How to Fuel Sporty Kids’ and more…
  •  15% Discount on Children Supplements i.e. Vitamin D, Omegas, Mulit-Vitamin & Probiotics

Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd. strives to create a friendly and professional environment where physicians and parents work in partnership to raise healthy children.  We are dedicated to our patient’s well being and committed to providing the highest quality of care to our families.

For Expecting Parents: It’s important to find a doctor you feel comfortable with, which is why Dr. Peets Talbot offers prenatal appointments. We recommend you schedule this appointment late in your 2nd trimester or early in your 3rd trimester so that you have the opportunity to meet and discuss your baby’s care before his or her arrival. KID ROCK

Dr. Peets Talbot is also an active staff at our local hospital, K.E.M.H. in the Newborn Nursery; therefore will check your baby regularly and answer any questions you may have while still in the hospital. Also, before going home we will help you schedule your baby’s first well check visit. This appointment will take place within the 1st week.

How do I get started?

  1. Learn – to find out more about our membership watch Dr. Peets Talbot’s online video  and follow the links to join.
  2. Join – Simply sign up online to set up your membership account by paying the registration fee.
  3. Begin – Set up your automatic monthly membership payments and receive your Pediatric Handbook PDF, which is full of awesome resources for you and your family. Also stay tuned to receive videos, seminars and pediatric updates via email.

A note from Dr. Peets Talbot:

“I believe in a patient/family-centered approach; therefore I encourage my patients to play an active role in the decision-making process, with my guidance. I believe that there are limitations to conventional medicine and am happy to explore alternative therapies to the best of my knowledge; using an integrated medicine model. I believe patients and families should understand diagnoses/ailments, therefore I encourage questions and appreciate the challenge as it arises. Years of practice has given me the insight that prevention and early intervention with a holistic approach maintains and improves ones health. I look forward to being a part of you or your child’s health care team.”

What parents say about Dr. Peets Talbot’s holistic health care:

“Dr. Peets Talbot is amazing at Ocean Rock Wellness.” ~ Reva Minors

“Dr Peets Talbot is so sweet and she’s very caring. Only doctor I’ve known to go the extra mile of giving her cell phone number if we ever have any questions at home.” ~Autumn-Scarlett Theresa Pimental

“If you’re looking for a great pediatrician who sincerely embraces taking on a natural and holistic healing approach Dr.Ayesha Peets-Talbot is the one! My son has been unwell with a terrible cold and fevers. It’s not always easy to get into the doctor this time of year so we had to take him into the clinic. (no offense to Govt.services) The doctor there seemed very dismissive and just told to keep giving him tylenol after we were concerned about his really high fever. Even with giving him medicine around the clock there was no change so I decided to email his Dr.Peets-Talbot in the early hours of Saturday morning. When I went to pull up her email I saw she had already sent us an email with excellent sources of natural remedies for the cold and flu season. When she got back to me, she phoned and walked us through on what we should do and even advised to connect with Mel Dupre, the homeopathy specialist to find the right remedy for our son. We emailed Mel and she literally got back to us in 5 mins and also gave us clear steps over the phone and was able to direct us to the right remedy for him. We gave him what he needed and his fever broke within the hour. All within 24hrs over the weekend – these two amazing health specialist came to the rescue and we could tell that they are both passionate about what they do. It’s Monday and my son still has the remnants of his cold but he’s doing much better. Salute to both Dr.Peets-Talbot at Ocean Rock Wellness and Mel Dupre at Healing Essentials MD. Some people just do their work from the heart.” ~Mudiwa Amina Marykah

“I took my son to pediatrician, Dr. Peet’s Talbot at Ocean Rock Wellness today for the first time. She is absolutely amazing. She will listen to you and any concern you have, she is not judgmental whatsoever, has a very pleasant manner and is just overall awesome. She answered every question I had with patience and didn’t mind taking more than the usual time a well baby visit takes. She is thorough and takes the time to ask the parents questions about themselves to try to understand their perspectives on things etc. She is very supportive and just a great pediatrician who is genuine and caring about her patients and the parents! And I’m sure the other doctors in the practice are amazing too! Very impressed!! I highly recommend her!” ~ Kristen Lawrence

“Huge positive review to Ocean Rock Wellness and Pediatrician Dr. Peets Talbot. I just recently transferred from another pediatrician and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my baby. Dr. Peets is not only compassionate and friendly but extremely knowledgeable not only in pediatrics but way beyond including and not limited to proper nutrition. She believes in individual proper treatment and not a cookie cutter treatment. She considers my auto immune disease while dealing with my baby knowing that not everything would be good for her that may work on other babies. She explained every single question of mine patiently no rush and not the usual few words answer even though I had an annoyingly lot of questions (so sorry😊). Thank you so much Dr. Peets no one is better than you. (Her staff is also very friendly and kind)” ~Viktoria Jackowski



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