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Do you need to get your vitality back? Is your way not working for you anymore? Try our Ocean Rock Wellness yoga classes! Everyone is welcome. All shapes and sizes, all fitness levels, with lots of yoga experience or none. Our guided yoga practice focuses on mindful movement, learn how to move with steadiness and ease. The class teaches you the fundamental movements required for some of the basic yoga poses or postures. It uses body awareness and breathing techniques to help you integrate all systems and functions of the body. Learn how to tap into your energy sources, and affect your emotional and psychological states with simple yet effective techniques. Yoga teacher Cyndi Lee perfectly sums it up with: “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about unlocking your ideas about what you want, where you think you can go, and how you will achieve when you get there.” Come and see for yourself. ¬†

Pricing & Schedule

form-yoga-calClasses Drop in rate – $25.00 Block of 10 classes – $160.00 ($40.00 Savings) ¬†Block card does not expire. Private Yoga One-on-one – $100 per session, option to complete the session here at Ocean Rock Wellness, or in the comfort of your home. Please click on the yoga calendar to keep track of our monthly class schedule! Our program director will be able to assist with any further questions and booking an appointment. Please call 295-5100 or email [email protected]    



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Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd.
Charities House
25 Point Finger Road
Paget, DV 04


tel: (441) 295-5100
fax: (441) 295-5101
email: [email protected]

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