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You will begin your journey to optimal health with an initial 90 minute consultation with Dr. Peets Talbot or Dr. Famous. They take an in depth intake of your medical history, symptoms and current lifestyle and eating habits. They will also look for signs and symptoms of stress or poor health, such as bags under eyes, skin rashes or breakouts, thinning of hair, changes on your finger nails, etc.  The practitioners will also start some of the specialized testing, such a heart rate variability and body composition testings. Furthermore, at Ocean Rock Wellness, we are proud to offer specialized testing through international laboratories (90% of which are covered by insurance) as a means of solidifying real statistics on your health. This allows us to remove the guessing game, zoom in on imbalances and address them within just a few weeks.

Simply put, functional medicine offers a powerful new operating system and clinical model for assessment, treatment and prevention of chronic disease. The results from the tests help Dr. Peets Talbot and Dr. Famous look for imbalances, deficiencies, inflammation and other markers of health.

We are invested in not only helping you obtain your optimal health but maintaining it as well. Therefore, we offer 12-month Functional Medicine Programs.

If you are interested in a program, our patient coordinators will schedule you for a complimentary consultation with one of our physicians, to determine your readiness to work with us to achieve optimal health. Our clients improve their energy, decrease their dependence on pharmaceutical medications and can lose an average of 10-20% of their weight and KEEP IT OFF. Many will lose much more!

There are 3 main programs available to our members:

  • Level 1

Mobile coaching utilizing a food journaling platform.

  • Level 2

This is a small group based learning  that provides support, camaraderie and a more affordable weight loss option. It was also designed for companies who are interested in wellness solutions for their employees. One hour sessions are weekly, biweekly then monthly and take place in our fully equipped gym, kitchen & training room. Learn how to prepare healthy low carb recipes and take home valuable resources.

  • Level 3

This is designed for adults seeking individual one-on-one sessions. The chronic disease management program is customized to their specific medical, nutritional, behavioral and physical needs. Meetings take place with each health care professional at weekly, biweekly then monthly sessions.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with one of our physicians today!

Please call 295-5100 or email [email protected].

For our referring health care providers, please email or fax a Referral Form 

What Our Clients Say

“Pain has become a part of my life. As the years went by the bouts of pain became once a week to everyday. During which time my eating habits became very poor, to the point I felt like an addict. I would eat cake for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. I noticed I was putting on weight, and fast. At work I would feel tired and have no energy. What I’m about to tell you is the exciting part. I found a clinic, Ocean Rock Wellness, which is absolutely first class in health care. The staff are very caring. They have a program which includes: an Obesity Specialist to discuss what had made me sick, a nutrition coach, behavior therapist and a physiotherapist. They made a personalized plan for me. My goal is to lose weight, but as I explained, I am also dealing with a lot of pain. With their help I started to make the right changes. From the foods I am now eating, being mindful of my body and exercising. For the first time I experienced a day without pain. I am now moving better and have lots of energy. This makes me happy and positive that one day I will have a healthy life again. Pain Free!” ~D. Franklin age 56


“I started my weight loss journey at Ocean Rock Wellness in February. I have been struggling with my weight ever since I was a young man, and it was really taking a toll on my health. It was my doctor who encouraged me to start the program. I’m glad I joined, the group program has been excellent. The team of doctors and trainers have taught me so much about changing my lifestyle. As soon as you walk in the door it is very warm and welcoming, you feel cared for. I have already lost over 45 pounds. Can you believe it? Every Saturday I look forward to coming and exercising, learning about the nutrition and gaining motivation. I enjoy cooking new recipes and sharing what I have learned with others. Come along to Ocean Rock Wellness, join me in my journey.” ~ Gavon Simons, age 51
“I was referred to the program by my doctor to help manage my weight. I was eager and excited to start. I was welcomed by everyone and quickly developed a relationship with each team member, which was both trusting and rewarding. I learned a lot in the program, and liked how it was spread out over a year. I can now make healthier choices and am more aware of what I put in my body. I was even inspired to getting back to growing my own vegetables! The program at Ocean Rock Wellness is not a diet, but an individualized approach to weight loss.” M.S., age 57.
“I have struggled with my weight for years and was looking for a change. After coming across an advertisement promoting the Fit for Life program at Ocean Rock Wellness, I asked my doctor to refer me to see Dr. Peets-Talbot and join the program. I find the atmosphere warm and welcoming. I have been successful losing weight through the wealth of knowledge provided and the specialized testing available. I recommend this program and want to tell anyone joining to make an effort to not only listen to the advice given by the doctors, but to also implement it for increased success.” K.J., age 57
“This program has and is helping me a lot. It makes you mindful of eating and exercising and how important it is to have a balance in your life. The doctors are very attentive, caring, informative and are willing‎ to break down the program to make it work for you. I love it!!!” ~L.D



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