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Disease Reversal/Weight Management

Consultations and management of chronic medical conditions such as, diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory, autoimmune and digestive disorders.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a model of medicine which looks at addressing the root cause of imbalances in your health.

Holistic Pediatrics

Medical care, education on nutrition and disease prevention, a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit from the beginning.


Hands on treatment to help you increase mobility, reduce pain, recover from an injury and increase your physical strength and well-being.

Yoga Classes

Weekly beginner’s yoga classes and private yoga sessions available upon request.

Specialized Lab Tests

Advanced testing to complement your care including genetic testing for Obesity and Diabetes, Food Intolerance, CardioMetabolic, Micronutrient, and Hormone Imbalances.

Nutritional Therapy

Uses food as medicine to manage health conditions and promote optimal health.

Biomat Therapy


Far infrared rays, negative ions and amethyst crystals to help you restore and maintain optimal health, relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost your immune system.

Supplements / Retail

Top of the line and holistic approach to nutraceuticals, IV nutrition, health and wellness skin care products and food.



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Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd.
Charities House
25 Point Finger Road
Paget, DV 04


tel: (441) 295-5100
fax: (441) 295-5101
email: info@oceanrockwellness.com

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