Massive Mistakes (That Even Smart People Make) That Keep Them Frustrated About Their Health

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While practicing medicine, I’ve noticed 3 BIG factors that hinder people from reaching their optimal health. The most common mistakes I see deal with actually come from a person’s mindset, which fortunately can be changed!

Massive Mistake #1: Depending on insurance to dictate the investment you make in your health.

People should treat their health the way they treat their car. For all of us who have a car, it is mandatory to have car insurance. If you only did what your car insurance required you to do, your car would quickly fall into disrepair. The stipulations required at the Transport Control Department to have your car passed, are the only requirements of the insurance company. You pay into your car insurance, but you must also go beyond the care requirements of the insurance company. If you want your car to last, you have to get regular services, invest in good tires and maintain oil changes. When it comes to health insurance people don’t have the same view. Your health insurance company is not going to dictate or encourage you to have regular medical visits. I have noticed some people only want to partake in health care services that are covered by insurance. If their medications or vitamins are not fully covered, they don’t want to pay the extra. Some people don’t want to invest in, or even consider extra ways to care for their health, like getting a massage or taking a yoga class.

Here at Ocean Rock Wellness we have a variety of services that go above and beyond what the insurance companies cover. Each of those services are valuable tools in optimizing your health. In my experience the client’s that I see investing in the “extras”, experience better health and reap the benefits.

Massive Mistake #2: Relying on your prescription medication as a cure.

Medications are often not a cure, they are a band-aid symptom reliever. For example, if you were diagnosed with diabetes you will likely be prescribed medications, which could be an appropriate treatment at that time. But, if you are also counselled to reverse your diabetes by lifestyle changes, you would be healthier in the long run and decrease your dependence on medications. It is a false sense of security to think “I have diabetes, but I’m on a medication, so I’ll be alright” or “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but I just have to control it with medication.” Taking medication alone doesn’t get to the root cause of your problem.  If you don’t determine what the underlying cause of your health condition is, you will likely be put on more medications as other health conditions develop. When I practice medicine, I pride myself in finding the root cause of the disease or illness and then streamline the treatment towards lifelong positive transformations in health and wellness. I don’t just prescribe a band-aid solution. In fact, I help my clients decrease their medications!

Massive Mistake #3: Not realizing that a chronic disease is a sign that you are NOT in your best health.

A chronic disease is a diagnosis that you will have to live with unless you make significant changes. Examples include: diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, fatigue syndromes, inflammatory

conditions, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and digestive disorders. Sometimes the diagnosis is not taken seriously because of familiarity. You can become desensitized if your mom and granny also have diabetes and high blood pressure. You may feel like “It was inevitable that I have this diagnosis” instead you should be thinking, “This high blood pressure tells me something is not working right.” My client’s think it is meant to be and it’s definitely NOT! When it comes to chronic disease and genetics it’s like this: Everybody has genes that are passed, but your genes are like having a loaded gun.  Your lifestyle and your choices decide whether the trigger is being pulled. If you’re making the right lifestyle choices you can be confident that the gun will not be fired.

When you join our practice through a program or membership, we promise to teach you other Massive Mistakes you may be making that keep you frustrated with your health. You will also learn how to make positive lifelong changes that will decrease your dependence on medication and help you increase your longevity, vitality and positive mindset!


In health & happiness,

Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot   |   MD FAAP DABIM DABOM

Co-Founder, Medical Director



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