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When it comes to supporting the immune system – we are going to approach it from both reducing certain immune suppressants, and boosting the activity of the immune system. Preventative approach increases your resilience, whilst a reactive strategy can be useful if you catch a cold (often a virus) or flu.

Here is how we are making immune support a seamless priority –


Sugar – Reduce sugar intake (where possible!) by clearing out the cupboards, being prepared with good quality snacks and choosing occasional indulgences. Another idea, treat yourself to something that doesn’t involve sugar. Ideas: an evening bath, a warm turmeric tea, a long walk on the beach, a pedicure or facial, a foot massage before bed. In some cases, sugar can be an immunosupresent by it depends whether it is viral or bacterial based.

Reduce stress – countless social engagements and the normal but heightened pressures of work, finances, gift buying….what can you ditch, what can you delegate and what can you delay? Begin by writing a list of everything ahead of you and categorize them.


Sleep – Aim for 8 hours of good quality sleep per night. If you have difficulty getting good quality sleep, or miss a few hours if you’re up with kids or parties, a weekend nap can help top up your hours. When it comes to sleep, magnesium can be really beneficial to support relaxation and quality zzz’s. Reacted Magnesium by Orthomolecular (magnesium gyclinate) is an easy, bioavailable form of magnesium. We recommend 200 – 300mg per day. Alternatively, an Epson Salts bath can support magnesium levels through trans dermal absorption.

Fresh air – When in doubt, take a morning or evening walk on the beach. Fresh air and deep breaths activate the relaxation portion of the nervous system (parasympathetic) and movement is good for the lymphatic system.

Vitamin C – red pepper and butternut squash soup, a green smoothie with parsley, spinach, ¼ mango, flaxseeds and collagen, papaya (local!), strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Supplement 1,000mg per day as a preventative approach (best to buy a vitamin C with bioflavonoids) or in periods of illness, up to 3,000 mg. Always consult a healthcare practitioner when supplementing.

Zinc – Oysters, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, lentils

Vitamin D – 1,000 – 5,000 IU of vitamin D adult dosage (we use orthomolecular liquid vitamin D drops suitable for adults and kids)

Probiotics – food includes kimchi, kombucha (watch the sugar!) and probiotics. A broad spectrum probiotic of at least 15billion CFU is good for preventative. At Oceanrock, we have higher strains for therapeutic application.

Elderberry syrup – we love Sambozan available from People’s Pharmacy (pure, no sugar added).

Herbal tea – fresh grated ginger with warm water, add in 1 tsp. raw honey and ½ a lemon. Don’t use scorching hot water with lemon or raw honey as it kills of the good for you enzymes and vitamin C!

Anti – inflammatory foods – Broad spectrum of colours! Don’t forget your reds, purples, yellows and oranges. In addition – Fresh ginger and garlic minced into soups, bone broth, steamed leafy greens, colourful fruits and vegetables. Herbs such as oregano, parsley and cilantro are great additions, too.

Hydration – aim for half of your body weight in oz. of filtered water and / or herbal tea (chamomile, ginger etc.)

Support digestion – bone broth, organic chicken broth, chia seeds, and ginger and peppermint tea

If you want a personalised approach to navigate the holiday season – book in with our Nutritional Therapist to create a protocol and plan to support you through into the new year.


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