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Easy As One, Two, Three: Immune Boosting Fruit Leathers

With a few ingredients and three easy steps, you will have a fun and healthy snack that you and the kids will enjoy. Great for on-the-go, these are everything you love about store-bought fruit leathers but with an immune boost! Bonus: They make really nice easter egg fillers! Ingredients 4 Cups Fruit of choice (for

Asian Inspired Mushroom Soup

Super simple and very nutritious, this Asian-inspired soup is the perfect goal for a foodie on the weekend. All of the Magic is in the broth. It has a depth of umami flavor from the mushrooms, brightened by the healing blend of herbs like ginger and garlic. Focus on the broth and everything else is

Balanced Wellness

Balanced Wellness Written by: ROBYN BARGETT for Encore Age – RG Magazine Interview with: BETH HOLLIS, co-founder and physiotherapist at Ocean Rock Wellness  The state of our bodies in our 40s depends very much on how we’ve nurtured ourselves in our earlier years. If we’ve constantly put ourselves on the back burner due to career

A Healthy Child Has A Happy Brain

A Healthy Child Has A Happy Brain Written for the Bermuda Parent Magazine – Digitally Published on November 29th, 2022 Link to the magazine: https://www.flipsnack.com/6777DABBDC9/bermuda-parent-nov-2022.html Crying all the time. Worrying about the smallest things. Bouncing off the walls. Having trouble keeping still. And let’s not talk about the angry outbursts. Well actually, let’s talk about

6 Principles of Joyful Movement

As a physiotherapist, I have many conversations about movement. I have decided that joyful movement is a way of approaching exercise or physical activity in a beautiful way. To explain exactly what I think joyful movement is, I have broken it down into the following 6 principles that joyful movement encompasses: Focuses on Happiness  Encourages

Preconception Nutrition: Planning a Fertility Year

PRECONCEPTION NUTRITION Preconception nutrition is a preventative approach to optimizing nutrient status for positive fertility outcomes. For some women and men, this will simply allow them to better understand what nutrients are important for their bodies during this phase. For others, preconception nutrition can span to what is known as ‘fertility nutrition’ which is focused

Feel Good: The Year Ahead

January can make many of us feel really lousy. Winter is time for rest, slowing down and focusing inwards yet we often set really restrictive or unfair goals for ourselves. January shouldn’t be about go go go, but rather, deciding what we hope to bring in. For colder months, our health focused intentions should align

Gut Health: 3 simple concepts to know to better understand your gut

Good Mood: The Gut Brain Connection Those feelings of butterflies when you see your crush? Or an upset stomach before a performance on stage? Our brain and our gut (digestive system) work together closer than we think, and when one is off kilter, we can often experience symptoms elsewhere. For many of my clients, they

Gingerbread Biscoff cookies (gluten, dairy, egg, soy free)

Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies    This recipe is from the blog ‘Minimalist Baker’. We made several adaptions, but it is otherwise her recipe. Gluten, dairy, egg, soy and refined sugar free, you can also swop the coconut oil for apple sauce to make these. INGREDIENTS ½ cup coconut sugar 1 flax egg (mix 1 tbsp.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Benefits of the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Originally formulated by Anthony Williams, this smoothie is as functional as it is delicious!  Recommended in our My Health Reno program and to many of our clients who are on a detoxification  protocols, this smoothie is fantastic alone or in combination with lemon water and celery juice. We call this trio of drinks the “magic morning” 🙂  Here are the benefits of some of ingredients. Remember, these ingredients work synergistically together  to support the healthy detoxification pathways, each ingredient is just as important as the other.   Spirulina – Spirulina is rich in B12, and works synergistically with barley grass juice powder which soaks  up metal metals.  Barley grass juice powder – Has the ability to draw heavy metals out of your spleen, intestinal tract,  pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive system. Barley grass juice extract prepares mercury for complete  absorption by spirulina. Dulse – Rich in iodine, as well as a binder for mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium and nickel.  Atlantic dulse also serves as emergency backup, helping ensure that all the heavy metals that make it as  far as the colon actually leave the body.  Wild blueberries – Wild blueberries, smaller than farmed blueberries, have a higher surface area of  antioxidants. During heavy metal detoxification the body will experience oxidative stress on a cellular  levels, and needs large amounts of antioxidants to buffer the effects of heavy metal tissue detoxification.    Cilantro – Cilantro is a food based chelator, which means it draws out heavy metals from tissues. Works 



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