3 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Health Overnight!

As Health Care Professionals we have seen the negative consequences a diet full of junk food has on a child’s health. These junk food diets have led to skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes here in Bermuda. As parents we know firsthand how eating healthy isn’t always easy, especially with multiple kids, busy schedules and picky eaters.

Here are 3 tips you can use to
improve your child’s health overnight!


1) Make Breakfast Count

Mornings can be challenging as it is the time of day you feel like you have the least amount of time. But if you make sure they get in a healthy breakfast, you know they have started their day off right. Plus you get to see what they are eating. During school hours you can’t be sure they aren’t ditching their fruit for their friend’s cookies. You need to prep and meal plan ahead of time for a successful breakfast. Also, find out what your kids like and don’t just give in to the quick bowl of cereal. Most cereals are junk food. There are healthier options like protein pancakes, omelets, eggs and peanut butter smoothies.

2) Cut Out Sugary Drinks

Just because it says juice on the box doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Large amounts of sugar are still hiding. For example, Capri Sun (the 25% less sugar one) still has 13 grams of sugar in only 5.9 ounces. Sugar is still the second ingredient after water. Other brands are the same or even worse! Instead you can serve fruit infused water to add flavor and reduce the sugar. It’s easiest to implement this tip by simply keeping juice out of the house. It won’t take long before the kids stop asking for it, looking for it and even missing it.

3) Add Supplements

Ideally kids should get their daily vitamins and minerals from a balanced healthy whole food diet. Unfortunately, it’s hard to consistently reach an ideal balance, even as an adult. Furthermore, it has been proven that the produce we buy today isn’t jam packed full of nutrients like the produce our grandparents farmed. Now veggies and fruits are mass produced, picked before they are ripe and have a longer shelf life. If you don’t believe me, do a taste test! We grow strawberries, and the flavor alone proves they pack a punch compared to those that are store bought.

Supplements can help your children get their daily intake of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and even protein. The supplements we recommend were carefully selected for the highest quality available. The key is using a plant based source, with no additives, preservatives and fillers. We can proudly say that we have the best children’s supplements in Bermuda – Shop Now.

If you have any concerns with your child’s health, if they are overweight or at risk of becoming obese or diabetic then your family may be a perfect fit for our Fit Family Program. It is possible to change the path of your child’s future, and through education, practice and support we can help your child reach their full potential!

In Good Health,

Your Ocean Rock Wellness Team


  1. I like your recommendation to eliminate sugary drinks from the child’s diet. It makes sense that these would cause problems since they are just so high in sugar content. I’ll have to remember this for my son because I want him to have a healthy lifestyle and part of that is to make sure his food gives him healthy energy rather than sugary energy.

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  3. This is a great post, thank you. I’d like to mention that lack of physical exercise can also be an obstacle to your child’s well-being. In the formative years, children need to be physically active and stretch every bone and muscle to ensure proper nutrient supply and toxin release. This is why they must go outdoors and indulge in physical activity. You can even install affordable playground structures in your backyard.

  4. This could be one of the tips that are helpful to kids and most especially to their parents. They can have some ideas on their kid’s diet and start their healthy lifestyle.

  5. I really benefited from this good resources, that you have given here about effective health tips for us, just great and thanks

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  7. Great article! I think, Also Poor sleep can drive insulin resistance, throw your appetite hormones out of whack and reduce your physical and mental performance

  8. I agree cutting out on sugary drinks. Breakfast is really important. Lets be creative cooking and preparing foods for our little ones!

  9. Shan Alex on July 26, 2018 at 5:22 am said:

    Yes sir! Nice comment you got there I was thinking about it pretty recently.

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  11. Childhood is the perfect time to instil good healthy habits in kids. Thanks for sharing these ultimate tips for perfect parenting. Keep up the good work

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Get a free copy of Our Top 10 Anti-aging Secrets. Discover how to age gracefully without harmful medications and move with vitality!
When you follow our 10 simple and easy secrets, you will be amazed at how much your health is transformed.
Get a free copy of Our Top 10 Anti-aging Secrets. Discover how to age gracefully without harmful medications and move with vitality!
When you follow our 10 simple and easy secrets, you will be amazed at how much your health is transformed.
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