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Preconception Nutrition: Planning a Fertility Year

PRECONCEPTION NUTRITION Preconception nutrition is a preventative approach to optimizing nutrient status for positive fertility outcomes. For some women and men, this will simply allow them to better understand what nutrients are important for their bodies during this phase. For others, preconception nutrition can span to what is known as ‘fertility nutrition’ which is focused

Feel Good: The Year Ahead

January can make many of us feel really lousy. Winter is time for rest, slowing down and focusing inwards yet we often set really restrictive or unfair goals for ourselves. January shouldn’t be about go go go, but rather, deciding what we hope to bring in. For colder months, our health focused intentions should align

Gut Health: 3 simple concepts to know to better understand your gut

Good Mood: The Gut Brain Connection Those feelings of butterflies when you see your crush? Or an upset stomach before a performance on stage? Our brain and our gut (digestive system) work together closer than we think, and when one is off kilter, we can often experience symptoms elsewhere. For many of my clients, they



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