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First, I must apologize. This blog has passed its deadline.  My colleagues were very patient and I should thank them for that.  At first it was just so much pressure to follow well researched scientific blog posts on muscle conditions or Hey world I’m pregnant but, a friend suggested that by comparing my blogging abilities to that of my colleagues, wasn’t being true to myself and that I should write from a place of inspiration.  Oh great!  I was too stressed and exhausted to be inspired.   They suggested people will want to know how I manage work, studying and the children…Boring!  Then, a personal crisis occurred and I had only one secret weapon, 100% responsibility.
 It’s easy when things go wrong to point a finger or place blame elsewhere.  There is however, a theory that everything that manifests in our lives is created by us, somewhere deep within our subconscious mind.  This is not something to wrap your logical mind around because it is a concept that seems totally illogical!  Everything in my life?  Even the bad stuff?  Why would I manifest what is perceived as bad into my life?  Just prior to this event in my life, I happened to begin reading a book which walks us through this process of accepting 100% responsibility.  This process allows us to apologize for the thoughts within us that may be causing a problem.  This act of saying sorry helps to neutralize the effects of that thought.  It is at that point that we are able to connect to our divine nature of love to heal ourselves and therefore the reality around us.  This whole process is based on an ancient Hawaiian practice with a name that sounds as far out as the theory itself, Ho’oponopono.  It means ‘to rectify’ or ‘make right’.  While I should have probably written about a scientifically backed meditation with its numerous health benefits, I feel like I have been using meditation as a survival tool.  While I will still meditate regularly so that I can survive my existence, I have also decided to incorporate Ho’oponopono to help me create a wonderful existence!  So, as for that personal crisis, I created it somewhere deep in my subconscious and it manifested as a problem for me as well as someone else.  To rectify this problem, according to Ho’oponopono, it’s simply “I am sorry, I ask for forgiveness, I love you and thank you”. These four phrases are all it took to solve a problem that would have otherwise been emotionally crushing for me.  Instead, it was simply a change.

Dr. Sabrina Famous

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